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My friend introduced Sweego to me and I've had the chance to experience it at Michi Sushi. With Sweego's 50% discount, I only had to pay 330k for a full sushi meal for 2 people! Awesome food at awesome price!
Nguyen Nam Tu
Michi Sushi
I brought my girlfriend out for a drink at Broma. We had a romantic and wonderful night out with 4 cocktails. Thanks to Sweego, it only costed me less than 500k. The process was so quick that I finished checking out while my friend was still in the restroom.
Le Sy Cuong
Broma Not a Bar
We went to Long Geylang, at which after the discount, we enjoyed a good price of 270k for 3 people. I was surprised to learn that the vendors in partnership with Sweego really treat you the same as there normal clients. I guess Sweego has done a good job working with these vendors to ensure the high-quality service.
Minh Pham
Long Geylang
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